Best 5 Archery Rangefinder You Can Choose In 2022 Reviews

You are engaged with archery, and looking for quality equipment?

Maybe you are looking for an archery rangefinder. In this review, you can read about 5 different archery rangefinder, about its characteristics, design, function, range and more. I will describe to you different models, so it will be easier to decide which one is the best for you.


What Do You Need To Know About Archery Rangefinder?

What Do You Need To Consider Before Buying?

There is a lot of archery rangefinder on the market, so you need to ponder about many features. For example, you need to find out something about durability, range of measurement, price, design, weight, battery, different modes and so on. Don’t buy the first archery rangefinder before you didn’t explore all features, ratio of quality and price.

How Does It Work?

This is the technology that is relatively new and improves every day. So at the moment, you have rangefinders with the laser. That is standard equipment for bowhunters and for archery. This device uses a laser beam, and that is how rangefinder calculates the distance to an object or target. The newest rangefinder uses a narrow beam laser pulse.

What About Price?

Its price varies, depends on new technology and features. If you want to have all those advanced features, you need to pay more for it. But you can find a good one rangefinder for an average price. The average price is about $200, so you can find a higher and lower price than this one.

How To Properly Use Rangefinder?

First, you need to read manuals and instructions about the product. You need to know it’s your rangefinder intended for bow, rifle, golf or something else. Also, you need to carry your rangefinder properly and when it’s not in use, put it in a safe place. Depends on its features, you should use it in a proper way.

Best 5 Archery Rangefinder

Best Archery Laser Rangefinder

Nikon Monarch 2000

Lightweight And Compact

This rangefinder for archery with laser is small and practical. Its dimensions are 3.8 x 1.7 x 2.9 inches, and it weighs only 6 ounces. So, it is very lightweight, practical and compact to carrying and transport in any case. In your hand, it is ergonomic and made from quality rugged material. Also, it is waterproof, so you can use it even if it’s raining. It uses nitrogen gas so it’s resistant to high or low temperature and fog.

Nikon Monarch 2000

Advanced Laser Technology

It has a 6×21 laser which provides you 8-2000 yards range of measure. So, you can use it for long-range hunting. Its margin of error is average 1/2 yard, but that is a small error and you can use it with high accuracy. Regardless of distance or your position, this best archery rangefinder with the laser has a fast and continuous measurement in 0.3 seconds.

Slope And Angle Function

The Nikon archery rangefinder has advanced incline/decline technology, so it ensures horizontal distance to the target. Also, it can measure distance even at incredible shooting angles, for example, it can measure +/-89 degrees. The OLED display will show you the right number regardless of your distance to the target.

Nikon Monarch 2000 review

First And Distant Priority

Depending on the situation, you can choose between two different modes. There are first and distant modes. When you want to use first priority mode, it provides you to range a small target that is closest to you. The distant target priority mode allows you to range the farthest target, or when your target is in a group of similar animals or targets.


  • laser technology
  • two different modes
  • slope function
  • angle function

Best Archery Rangefinder For The Money

Aofar Archery Rangefinder

Dimensions And Weighs

This rangefinder for archery has some average size and weighs. Its dimensions are 4.3 x 1.8 x 3.2 inches, so this is a pocket-sized rangefinder. It is also lightweight and has 14 ounces. There is included a battery of 36 V. If you want to buy it, you can choose between colors, black and camo.

Aofar Archery Rangefinder

Accuracy With +/- 1 Yard

Its accuracy is very high, with a margin error of +/- one yard. Also, you can magnify your object at 6 times, and this feature is one of the best on this rangefinder. There is advanced pin seeker technology which helps you to determine your target very fast and precisely.

Four Modes

You can choose between four different modes. There are range, speed, fog and scan mode. Scan mode will continuously scan your target in a few seconds. If it’s bad weather and it’s foggy, you can turn on fog mode and have a clear view. With a speed mode, you can identify your target even if it’s moving more than 186 mph.

Aofar Archery Rangefinder review

Up To 700 Yards

If you use a range mode, you can easily range your target from 700 to 1000 yards. That is a very far distance, so this rangefinder with laser for archery is the best for long-range measurement. Regardless of that, its measuring time is short, and you can quickly read the results on your display.

Cheap Archery Rangefinder

This cheap archery rangefinder is also waterproof and dust resistant, so if you use it properly, it can last a very long time. Its price is also amazing because it has many great features and it isn’t expensive. Its price is under $100, so that is a very affordable price for everyone.


  • measuring range up to 700 yard
  • low price
  • scan, fog, speed and range modes
  • black and camo colors

Best Archery Rangefinder With Angle Compensation

TecTecTec Prowild S

Max Range Of Measurement

TecTecTec rangefinder with laser for archery can range targets up to 540 yards. Also, it is very accurate, with a margin error of +/-1yard. So, you can easily find the distance of your target. If your target is very far from you, you can magnify your view 6 times. So, you can have a close look at it.

TecTecTec ProWild S Hunting Rangefinder


This rangefinder with angle compensation has a very durable body from strong materials. Its surface is rugged, so you don’t have to worry if you wear gloves, its design is adjusted, it’s compact and practical. Also, it has 4 x 2.8 x  1.6 inches. It is lightweight, about 6 ounces. This archery rangefinder is water-resistant and dust resistant.

Angle Capability

You don’t have to use this best archery rangefinder only on a flat surface. It has advanced angle compensation. You can use that feature when the terrain is steep and when your target is above or below you. The OLED display will show you actual distance, measure the angle, and ballistic distance. With this option, you won’t miss the shot.

TecTecTec Prowild S

Different Modes

The archery rangefinder with angle compensation offers you two different modes. Depends on your wishes and weather conditions you can choose between scan continuous mode and slope mode. If you choose the continuous mode, the rangefinder will record the distance for a few seconds.

The Lens Display

A quality lens is the most important thing on archery rangefinder. This rangefinder with angle compensation has a premium, ultra-clear and multilayered optics which provides you a great view. On LED display you can easily read the measure of distance in any kind of condition.


  • measure up to 540 yards
  • scan and slope mode
  • advance angle compensation

Best Rangefinder For Archery Hunting

Bushnell Scout Rangefinder

Three Different Modes

You can choose from three different hunting modes, and you can change it by one switch. So, there is scan mode, bullseye and brush mode. With scan mode, your rangefinder will update the distance a couple of times. You will get results on your display very quickly. If you turn on bullseye mode, it will give you the distance of closest targets, and with brush mode, you can zoom the farthest target which is on the background.

Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC 6x21 Laser Rangefinder

E.S.P. Technology

This rangefinder for archery has 0.8 inches objective diameter lenses which will provide you a clear view. Also, you can magnify your target about 6 times. That’s very enough for the farthest targets. With Extreme, Speed and Precision technology you can have an awesome accurate within +/-0.5 yards.

Fog And Waterproof

The Bushnell archery rangefinder is a small device, so you can put it in your pocket and carry it. It has 6 x 5 x 3 inches and weighs only 1 pound. Compact and easily handheld, it won’t distract your hunt or play. Also, it is fully waterproof and fog proof, so it can withstand any weather condition.

Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC 6x21 Laser Rangefinder review

Range of 1000 Yards

You can use this archery rangefinder on either on the bow and on the rifle. It can range about 1000 yards distance, which is very enough for any kind of game or for hunt. Also, there is ARC bow mode which can measure actual horizontal distance up to 90 yards. The ARC rifle mode which gives you bullet-drop/holdover in inches. This rangefinder also has a built-in inclinometer, which is very useful when you notice your target.


  • fog proof and waterproof
  • E.S.P technology
  • three modes
  • measure range of up to 1000 yards

Best Compound Bow Rangefinder

Boblov Mounted Rangefinder

Bow Or Crossbow

The Boblov rangefinder is one of the best on the market which you can mount either on the bow or on the crossbow. You can easily mount it on the top of the scope and if you want to activate it, you just need to push the button. It comes in a camo color.

Boblov Camouflage Rangefinder

Long Term Rangefinder

This compound rangefinder is made from sturdy materials that provide durability and preparedness to any kind of weather conditions. The main material is aluminum alloy metal. Also, it has much protection, for example, it is shockproof, water-resistant and dust resistant. So, you don’t have to worry if the weather isn’t ideal.

OLED Display

The archery rangefinder dimensions are 3.9 x 5.9 x 2.4 inches, it is small and lightweight. It weighs only 10 ounces. So, you can carry it with you and you won’t notice its weight. Also, that weight is great for mounting on bow or crossbow, it doesn’t aggravate your equipment.

Boblov Camouflage Rangefinder review

Five Modes

You can choose from five different modes on this compound rangefinder. There are range mode, fog mode, speed mode, fog + horizontal mode and horizontal mode. With range mode, you can range your target to a distance up to 700 yards. Also, you can be very accurate, with +/-1 yard deviation.

Speed Range Up To 186 Mph

When you are engaged with a crossbow or any kind of archery, the speed is something you need to take care of. If you turn on speed mode, you can follow your target with a speed of up to 186 mph. That is a very impressive speed, and also, you won’t lose on accuracy.


  • speed, range, fog, horizontal and fog + horizontal mode
  • max range of 700 yards
  • clamp-on mount rangefinder

Conclusion: Which Two Archery Rangefinder Models Are The Best?

After much research, I think that the best two archery rangefinders are the Bushnell Scout rangefinder and the Boblov Mounted Rangefinder. The Bushnell has three different modes, E.S.P. technology, measure range of up to 1000 yards, it’s fog and waterproof. The Boblov rangefinder you can mount to any equipment because of universal clamp-on, it has five different modes and it’s pocket size.

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