Best 5 Ballistic & Shooting Gun Mounted Rangefinder Reviews

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It gives you more information about ballistic and shooting gun mounted rangefinders in general. As well as the top five rangefinders and their features. I will describe their characteristics and give you all the facts you need to know to find the best ballistic rangefinder for yourself.


Things To Know About Ballistic & Shooting Gun Mounted Rangefinders

How Are They Different From Regular Rangefinders?

Regular rangefinders are used to measure the distance to the target to help you plan your shot. They often have additional features like slope or jolt technology. Slope technology measures incline and declines on the way to the target. Jolt notifies you when the laser has locked onto the target.

However, ballistic and shooting rangefinders have additional features that intensify the shot precision. They have an in-built ballistic system that measures variables that can affect your shot. Such variables are the temperature, air pressure or angle. This way your shot can be carefully planned and executed.

What To Have In Mind When Buying The Rangefinder

If you want to get the most from a rangefinder for target shooting, you should pay attention to the range it can cover. You should look for a long-distance shooting rangefinder. Also, it should have a ballistic calculator that will give you detailed information about the conditions you are shooting in.

How To Use Them And For What?

These applied ballistics rangefinders can be used for hunting or similar guns related activities. There are different types of this kind of rangefinders. For example, if you get a rail-mounted laser rangefinder you can install it directly on your rifle. This is the best kind of rangefinder for such activities because it leaves your hands free to operate with the gun.

Prices And Places To Buy

These kinds of shooting rangefinders can be a bit pricey because of the high technology they use. The price range goes from around 1300$ to 2700$. The best place to look for such a device is because you can find great deals there.

Best 5 Ballistic & Shooting Gun Mounted Rangefinders

Best Ballistic Rangefinder With Adjustable Features

Gunwerks G7 BR2 Rangefinder

Has An Intuitive Display

Gunwerks G7 BR2 Rangefinder has an intuitive display that has 4 brightness settings. You can also choose the reticle type you want. The display works very well in low light or dark conditions. The rangefinder is waterproof and has a rugged housing. Also, it has a Gore-Tex membrane. Its dimensions are 5.09 x 4.45 x 2.10 inches and it weighs 14.3 ounces.

Gunwerks G7 BR2 Rangefinder

Can Serve As A Weather Station

The device has top-of-the-line technology as it has a rangefinder and an angle measurement device. Also, it can do real-time ballistic solutions very fast and can serve as a weather station. The ballistic solutions take into consideration variables such as temperature, air pressure, and angles. Gunwerks G7 BR Ballistic rangefinder comes with a cover case and a neck strap.

Calculates The Wind Values

It can be paired with a tripod mounting on the bottom side. Gunwerks G7 BR2 has a special Wind Compensation feature. This feature calculates the wind values in the result so there are no mistakes. There are sensors on top of the device which measure all the variables and then transfer the data to calculate the Shoot To range.

Gunwerks G7 BR2 Rangefinder review

Measures Air Density And Angles

Shoot To range is a special feature that compensates the line of sight range. It measures air density and inclination angle to calculate the right range. The device has an adjustable diopter. The eyecups are also adjustable, and you can twist them up. You can download the product’s manual online.

Can Magnify Up To 7x

Its functional range is 1500 yards while the maximal range is 2000 yards. The maximal ballistic compensation is 1400 yards. It allows magnification up to 7 times. This ballistic laser rangefinder uses a 2×4 Mrad laser beam. The power source is a CR 123 battery.


  • has waterproof housing
  • features the Wind Compensation
  • has the Shoot To range feature
  • has a 7x magnification
  • uses 2×4 Mrad laser beam

Best Expensive Ballistic Rangefinder

Leica Geovid 8×42 HD-B 3000

A Very Accurate Device

Leica Geovid HD-B 3000 has the following dimensions 10.5 x 8.3 x 6.7 inches. It uses a CR2 battery as a power source. The device allows an 8x magnification through a 42 mm objective lens diameter. The measuring accuracy is +/- 0.5 yards at 10 – 200 yards, +/- 1 yard at 200 – 400 yards, and +/- 0.5% beyond 400 yards.

Leica Geovid 8x42 HD-B 3000

Ergonomically Designed And Comfortable

It has an ergonomic design especially comfortable. Leica Geovid has a simple two-button operation and open bridge construction. This design makes sure you don’t have any troubles when long-time observing. The housing is magnesium with full rubber armor. This makes a compact but yet lightweight device.

Lenses Protected From Dirt And Dust

The rangefinder has the Aqua Dura Coating which protects the lenses from unnecessary dirt or dust. It also facilitates cleaning. The optics are high-quality with Perger Porro prisms. This makes sharp images with maximum light transmission and bright colors.

Leica Geovid 8x42 HD-B 3000 review

Measures The Temperature And Heights

There is a ballistic program integrated into the device. It calculates the target range for all kinds of ammunition. When calculating, it takes into consideration variables important for the successful shot execution. It measures the temperature, the height of the sight line or sighting-in distance.

Corrects The Point Of Impact

Leica Geovid has the Bullet Drop Compensator which is used to correct the point of impact. Moreover, it tells you how many times you need to click to adjust the reticle. You can put a microSD card into the rangefinder and upload the data to achieve better-shot precision.


  • has an 8x magnification
  • the prism type is Perger Porro
  • ballistic program integrated

Best Rangefinder For Long-Range Shooting

Sig Sauer Digital Ballistic Laser Rangefinder Kilo 2400 ABS

Has An Antireflective Coating

Sig Sauer Ballistic Rangefinder Kilo 2400 ABS has the following dimensions 8.1 x 6.5 x 4.8 inches. It has a 7x magnification through a 25 mm objective lens diameter. The device is a monocular and the lens is coated with the SpectraCoatTM anti-reflective coating.

Sig Sauer Kilo 2400 ABS Rangefinder

Uses Fast Scan Technology

The device has HyperScanTm technology which accelerates your performance by giving you 4 range updates per second. The scan mode works together with the RangeLockTM. The RangeLockTM gives the last target range result among distant targets. This Sig ballistic rangefinder uses the AB Ballistics Engine which is the most accurate engine that exists.

Has An Adjustable Reticle

You can adjust the reticle by removing or adding parts of it. The device has embedded sensors that calculate parameters such as aerodynamic jump, spindrift and Coriolis effect. Also, it measures the temperature and pressure of your current environment. The display type is OLED which works well and adapts to all light conditions.

Sig Sauer Kilo 2400 ABS Rangefinder review

Can Be Paired With A Smartphone

You can pair the rangefinder with your smartphone through the Applied Ballistic’s Solver App. The app can calculate long-range orbits to help you plan your shot. The HyperScan feature paired with the Lightwave DSPTM engine provides the fastest target refresh.

Is It Worth The Money?

The advanced ranging technology gives you the right distance to the targets including the inclines and declines which modifies the effective ballistic shooting range. Users find Sig Sauer ballistic rangefinder useful and worth the money.


  • has the SpectraCoat anti-reflective coating
  • has a ballistic program built-in
  • HyperScan Technology supported
  • has an adjustable reticle
  • can be synchronized with your smartphone

Best Accurate Ballistic Gun Mounted Rangefinder

LaserWorks LE-032 Mini Laser Rangefinder

Aluminium Water And Recoil Resistant Housing

The device’s dimensions are 83.1 x 39 x 65 mm and it weighs 220 g. The housing is aluminum and water-resistant. Also, it is recoil resistant. LaserWorks LE-032 laser rangefinder uses a Class 1 laser with an average power output of less than 0.5 mW. It is covered by a one-year limited warranty.

LaserWorks LE-032 Mini Laser Rangefinder

Display Readable At Every Hour

The display type is OLED which is equally readable during day and night. The device’s mount elevation can be adjusted, as well as the windage. It is compatible with a 20 mm or 21 mm Picatinny rail. The measurement units can be displayed in meters or yards.

Angle Compensated Horizontal Distance

LaserWorks LE-032 has a basic ranging mode which allows it to the range with displaying the pitch angle. A feature most used by hunters is the Angle Compensated Horizontal Distance. This feature displays the incline/decline compensated distance to your target.

LaserWorks LE-032 Mini Laser Rangefinder review

Eliminates Fog-Caused Disturbances

Also, it has the Fog mode which eliminates disturbances caused by fog. When using this feature, the distance should be at least 30 m. The device covers a range from 5 to 700 meters and it is +/- 1 m/yard accurate. The Class 1 laser has a wavelength of 905 nm. Its speed range is from 0 to 300 km/h.

What Do Users Say?

Most users are satisfied with the device’s performance as well as its design. The rangefinder proved to be accurate and easy to use.


  • uses a Class 1 laser
  • it is water-resistant
  • has the OLED display

Best Ballistic Rangefinder With Long Battery Life

Gunwerks G7 BR2500 Ballistic Rangefinder

Battery Life Up To 8 Hours

Gunwerks G7 BR2500 Ballistic Rangefinder has the following dimensions: 5.2 x 4.5 x 2.1 inches and it weighs 14.4 ounces. It uses a CR123 battery as a power source. The battery can last up to 8 hours. It has a Class 1 905 nm laser which is safe for your eyes. The beam divergence is 75 x 1.5 MRAD.

Gunwerks G7 BR2500 Ballistic Rangefinder

Has A 7x Magnification

The effective range it covers is 2500 yards and more. The maximum range the ballistic calculator can measure is 1400 yards. The rangefinder has a 7x magnification through a 26 mm objective lens diameter. The eye relief is 20 mm. The field of view is 330 feet at 1000 yards.

Protected From Water And Particles

The temperature sensor range is from 0°F to 122°F, give or take 2°F. The tilt sensor range is +/- 90°. The pressure sensor range is from 4 to 36 inHg +/- 0.5 inHg. The rangefinder has IP55 environmental protection from particles and water.

Gunwerks G7 BR2500 Ballistic Rangefinder review

Has 4 Targeting Modes

The ballistic output can be in MOA, MRAD or BDC units. It has a real-time temperature, wind, pressure, and angle compensation. This is the only ballistic rangefinder on which you can customize Shoot To outputs for BDC turrets. It has 4 targeting modes: Near, Basic, Scan, and Far.

Users Satisfied With The Device

G7 BR2500 Ballistic rangefinder is graded as a great ballistic solver which takes into consideration all the parameters and gives precise results. Users are satisfied with its easy-to-use display and compact design.


  • uses a CR123 battery
  • has a Class 1 laser
  • has the IP55 certificate
  • ballistic outputs are MOA, MRAD, or BDC

Conclusion: Which Ballistic & Shooting Gun Mounted Rangefinder Is Best For You?

Sig Sauer Digital Ballistic Laser Rangefinder Kilo2400ABS supports the HyperScan Technology and has an adjustable reticle. Leica Geovid 8×42 HD-B 3000 has the protective Aqua Dura Coating and the Bullet Drop Compensator. Both devices use their ballistic programs to calculate the most precise ways to take your shot.

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