Best Caddytek Golf Laser Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 Reviews

If you are a passionate golfer who needs a quality rangefinder device, you should read my article!

In this article, I will write about two different Caddytek golf rangefinder models and their specialties. Caddytek offers some good features that go along with this model, but make sure you read this carefully and then decide at the end about which model you should get for yourself.


The Caddytek Brand And What It Offers

What Else Does Caddytek Offer?

Caddytek is a brand that has specialized in equipment for golf play over the years. They value their costumers and they are constantly improving their products. Each product is built according to the philosophy of durability, style, value and easy use method. According to that, they offer really quality products such as golf push and pull cart, accessories for golf carts, golf laser rangefinders and golf bags.

Where Can I Get Caddytek Products?

The Caddytek brand has a website where you can see each product they offer with a short description of what the product actually is. However, for buying Caddytek products, I would recommend online retailers such as Amazon. There, you can find customer reviews on the product so you can easily decide if the product is good. Also, on Amazon, you can find Caddytek products at reduced prices or discounts.

How Much Do Caddytek Products Cost?

According to other reviews, this brand is among the cheapest brands on the market. Considering the given quality, this is a quite good example of a low price and high quality put together. For a small price, you will get a quality product that will not fail you during golf play.

Caddytek Products Warranty And Customer Service

Should something be wrong with your product, Caddytek offers a warranty for one year from the date of purchase. They offer to either repair or replace the damaged product.  If you, however, have a general question that is not answered on their website, you can contact the Caddytek customer service team on their official website.

Best 2 Caddytek Golf Laser Rangefinder Reviews

CaddyTek Golf V2+Slope CaddyView Laser Rangefinder

Layout And Design

This Caddytek golf V2 laser rangefinder is designed for a perfect grip with your hand. It is operated very easily, with 2 buttons, which are placed on a jagged surface for placing your hand. That jagged surface will prevent your V2 rangefinder to slip away. It comes in a combination of black and grey color with the Caddytek logo pointed out. It is waterproof and it weighs about 12.6 ounces.

CaddyTek Golf V2+Slope CaddyView Laser Rangefinder

Technical Specialties

This Caddytek V2 laser rangefinder offers a 6X magnification camera that measures in range from 5 to 800 yards. I measures with accuracy up to +/- 1 yard. It also provides Flag seeking technology so you can easily measure the distance without side objects like trees or bushes being in your way. Caddytek caddy view V2 is powered by CR2 battery ( included in the package).

CaddyTek Golf V2+Slope CaddyView Laser Rangefinder review

Slope On And Off Technology

Another great thing this Caddytek golf V2 laser rangefinder offers is slope mode which is easily operated with one button. It can be turned on with just pressing the button, but if you do not need it, you can easily turn it off.  This is a very useful feature because you can use it when you need it – you control it, you decide when to turn it on and when to turn it off.


  • Waterproof
  • 6x magnification camera
  • Flag seeking technology
  • On and off-slope technology

Other Versions of Caddytek Golf Laser V2 Rangefinder

Caddytek Slope and Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder

Caddytek Slope and Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder

This is a model of Caddytek Golf Laser V2 rangefinder that has all of the same features as the original V2 model. However, this one has an addition of jolt function. It goes together with Flag seeking technology so when the target is locked, the jolt feature will provide a small vibration to let you know about it.

Conclusion: Why Should You Buy Caddytek Golf Laser Rangefinder?

In the end, you should compare these models and decide which one is better. The CaddyTek Golf V2+Slope CaddyView Laser Rangefinder is a really good choice because it has a 6x magnification camera, it is waterproof and it has slope mode and flag seeking technology. However, the Caddytek Golf Laser V2 Rangefinder has all of that with an addition of the jolt feature.

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